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Darren Kinnaird - General Manager, Crankworx World Tour

"Rawmotion’s ability to innovate and adapt in a rapidly changing event is one of their most significant strengths. Besides their incredible professionalism…their ability to develop new ways to think about storytelling solutions for events is truly remarkable given that most providers are stuck in a one dimensional role."


Aside from enjoying the challenge of setting up scoring systems in off-the-grid locations, we’re passionate about mountain biking and understand the unique needs that come with different disciplines. We have developed judging solutions specifically for mountain bike events and are always up for the task to deliver the most reliable, advanced scoring service for your competition.

Mountain bike disciplines we provide solutions for:

  • Dirt Jump
  • Big Air
  • Slopestyle
  • Big Mountain

New, creative course designs are part of the progression in mountain biking and keep things fresh and exciting for athletes and fans alike. Whether you’ve designed a long Slopestyle or an inner-city course, our scoring system can cover the entire length from start to finish. Screens for athletes at the start gate provide the information for their upcoming run. Instant results for commentators at the finish are provided to keep the audience, media and athletes glued to the action.

Live Scoring System


Discover the features of our innovative live scoring system developed specifically for mountain bike competitions.

Event & Athlete Data Management

Our system automatically organizes and visualizes a host of data before, during and after your event to keep everyone informed. Athletes have direct access to their data profiles making sponsor updates a breeze while ensuring all bio information is correct and up to date.

Event Data

  • Integration of event CI and sponsors in all communication material
  • Automatic creation of start lists, trick lists and result lists
  • Dedicated lists for specific needs (judges, press, starter, commentators and more)
  • Available in different file formats (PDF, Printouts, XML,...)

Athlete Data

  • Edit bio and sponsors
  • Highlight stance & age for judges
  • Automatic update of career stats

Improving the Judging Process

The innovative features of our iJudge scoring devices are what sets us apart. Called by some "the most advanced judging system on the market", we help judges to focus all their attention on what they do best - evaluating tricks and runs.

iJudge Features:

  • Individual judging devices for fast score entry - all on an iPad app
  • Wireless or wired score submission
  • Up to 16 judges per event
  • Weather and shock resistant
  • Intuitive app design to enhance workflow
  • Customizable in-app features

Process Support:

  • Based on start list and format, the system automatically walks judges through the process of scoring - however judges can always select athletes and runs manually
  • Tie Alert Feature
  • Ranking indicator line to show judges where athletes will be ranked
  • Individual score range control
  • Customizable interface based on individual competition formats (e.g. heat mode for jam sessions)

Real-time Data Processing

Timing is everything, especially when fans, broadcast partners, athletes, commentators,  and media are eagerly awaiting scores. Our scoring system allows judge teams to score faster, more accurately and enables reliable results in real-time.

  • Provides base-technology for the unique features of our iJudge and Head Judge Client
  • Instant scoring and ranking tabulation
  • Live result lists for athletes and coaches
  • Live data/stats for TV, commentators and audience
  • Live data for instant integration into TV graphics

Universal Format Support

We’ve never come across a competition format that our scoring system could not handle. Whether you’re running a standard format or have designed a unique format that calls for a custom solution, we are able to provide you with the scoring technology for your needs.

Some mountain bike formats we´re regularly working with:

  • Overall impression
  • Best trick
  • Obstacle-based

Head Judge Support

Designed to work hand-in-hand with the judging features, the Head Judge Client ensures maximum transparency, fairness and reliability of scores and ranking at an event. Integration of the Head Judge Client will ensure a streamlined judging process and delivery of rock solid results.

  • Active ranking analysis and full control over the leaderboard
  • Overall score range control
  • Overview of the individual judge rankings and scores
  • Tools to react to changes in start order (active bib-to-judge push system)
  • Scoring queue feature for jam formats
  • Preview mode allows head judge to see new leaderboard after a heat, before making scores official
  • Intuitive and clean design
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Just as we’ve grown over the years, so do our clients. The power of our
system lies in the flexibility to adjust to the needs of any mountain bike event looking for the leading scoring system. From small local competitions to international events, we’d be stoked to help you out.


We work with a dedicated data processing unit that ensures instant processing and constant updating. On top of that we provide a secure backup database to make your data available at all times. Simply put, your event data and results are safe and always available.


We have experience working in remote locations and bring the tools and technology to make any event work.
Our hardware is constantly being
refined for durability and size. It can be carried in one backpack, is quick to setup and works in extreme weather conditions.

ON course


It gets even better


Depending on your event needs and wishes, the following services can be booked as additional items:

Real-time graphics

Process live competition data into visually engaging graphics for TV, big screen and webcasts.

Social media integration

Manage, automate and integrate content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram into live broadcasts.

Venue information system

Let your fans be part of the action with live competition data presented on TV-screens, smartphones, scoreboards, laptops, tablets  and more.

Online Live Results

Communicate your event’s results globally and in real-time.

Live Tour Ranking System

Use live results to calculate Tour Rankings in real time and crown your world champion straight after the event.

Rider Registration system

Offer on-site and online registration to manage rider’s contact and bio information and registration fee payment tracking.


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